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Because federal income taxes are deferred, you have a greater leverage than if the tax liability was paid. The additional equity available for the reinvestment can also assist you in obtaining more financing, if needed.

Less Management

Exchanges such as a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), Tenants In Common (TIC), 721 UPREIT, Oil & Gas Royalties and Triple Net NNN offer you the opportunity to exchange from active ownership properties into a passive ownership property allowing you to own income property with little to none of the day-to-day management responsibilities.


One property can be exchanged into many properties through a DST, TIC and 721 UPREIT ownership of condominiums, single-family, multi-family, Triple Net NNN investments, commercial properties, etc., offering potential asset diversification.

Greater Earning Potential

Since more of your capital is reinvested than would be the case if taxes were paid, there is the opportunity for greater earning potential.

Compounding Effect

Exchange after exchange can be done creating a positive compounding effect by reinvesting the additional deferred taxes on each subsequent exchange. The deferred tax liability can ultimately be forgiven upon your death, giving your heirs a step-up in basis on inherited property.

Estate Planning

Often a number of family members inherit one large property and disagree about what they want to do with it. Some family members may want to continue holding the investment property and some may opt to sell. By exchanging from one large relinquished property into several smaller replacement properties while the taxpayer is alive, the taxpayer can designate each heir to receive a different property which he/she can own individually and either hold or sell to his/her needs. A DST, TIC, 721 UPREIT, Oil & Gas Royalties and Triple Net NNN can be a great tool.

Trade Up

The possibility to trade up to larger and higher quality properties by utilizing specific investments may offer opportunities for the investor to trade up to better quality institutional real estate.


Many management intensive properties may be consolidated into properties requiring less management. By utilizing the structure of such investments as a DST, NNN Triple Net or 721 UPREIT, many management intensive properties may be consolidated into properties that require less management.

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Potential Risks

  • Market and property risks: The value of the property held by the DST can fluctuate based on changes in interest rates, supply and demand, economic conditions, environmental conditions, zoning, etc. which means the appreciation generated could vary.
  • Lack of liquidity: DSTs are generally illiquid so they may not be easily sold or exchanged.
  • Fees and expenses: Investing in a DST can involve high fees and expenses
  • Limited control: As an investor in a DST, you have limited control over the property held by the trust, and you may not be able to make decisions regarding the management or operation of the property.

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