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Are you a real estate investor who is ready to give up the three T’s – toilets, trash and tenants? Are you ready for traveling and T time? Our team at Diversified Investment Strategies is here to help! You can give up your landlord duties, and make 2019 the year you dream of, by considering a 1031 exchange.

Through a 1031 exchange, you can trade in your landlord duties for more hands-off investment options, such as a DST, NNN or REIT, and avoid paying federal taxes. Each of these options has its own benefits, but they all allow you to have more time to do what you want with your year ahead.

A DST, for example, has no property management involved. You still receive cash flow without the day-to-day headaches. There is also the potential for greater capital investment appreciation, higher ‘tax sheltered’ cash flow, diversification, short holding periods, tax benefits and more.

By trading your investment in for a hands-off option through a 1031 exchange, you can avoid paying some or all federal taxes on your investment properties. If you think this is something you may be interested in, here are some steps you can take immediately:

1.  Start preparing for a 1031 exchange. The sooner you begin to prepare for an exchange, the sooner it can happen for you. Contact our team at DIS for assistance in guiding you through the first steps, or answering any questions you may have.

2.  Gather information/paperwork. We can help explain what information and paperwork you will need to give your qualified intermediary for a 1031 exchange. Some of this may take time to find and organize, so again, the sooner the better!

3.  Discuss with your CPA or accountant. A 1031 exchange may have significant benefits for your taxes, so let them know in advance and get on the same page before tax season.

4.  Start weighing your options. Each 1031 exchange option has its advantages and disadvantages. Determine how long you’d like to hold onto an investment property, if you’d like to diversify, how much you have to invest and so on. We can help!

Whether you’re looking for a licensed real estate broker, an accredited tax advisor or CPA, a registered financial consultant, or an attorney for legal representation, we’ve got it all here at DIS! Here are some of the services we offer:

-Free CMA – Comparable Market Analysis – to determine the value of your property

-Help determining cap rate and IRR

-Help marketing your current investment property to help it sell quickly and for best prices

-Help analyzing and acquiring the best investment property or properties for your portfolio

-Advice on tax deferral and retirement income strategies

-Assistance with 1031 exchanges with a DST, UPREIT, NNN and others

When you’re ready to begin, we’re ready to help at DIS! Contact our team, let’s make 2019 the year you achieve the real estate investment goals you’ve been dreaming of!

Bryan Hakola 
Diversified Investment Strategies
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